Company Order Process Policy


Here is a brief overview of Company Order Process, to help you be guided on the journey of ordering your favorite tools for your project, diy , professional needs here at KHM Megatools.

Order Initiation:

The customer initiates the order by submitting a purchase request through our company website, email, phone call, or other designated channels.
The request should include necessary details such as the product brand, model, quantity, preferred delivery date, billing information, and any other relevant specifications.

Order Verification:

The order verification team reviews the request to ensure all required information is provided.
If any details are missing or unclear, the team contacts the customer for clarification or additional information.
Once all necessary details are confirmed, the order is moved to the next stage.

Inventory Check:

The inventory team checks the availability of the requested products or services.
If the items are in stock, the process moves to the next step.
In case of insufficient stock, the team informs the customer about the availability status and potential alternatives, such as backordering or suggesting similar products.

Pricing and Quotation:

The pricing team calculates the total cost of the order, including taxes, shipping fees, and any applicable discounts.
A quotation is prepared and sent to the customer.
The customer reviews the quotation and contacts the company if there are any concerns or modifications needed.

Order Confirmation:

Once the customer agrees to the quotation and all details are finalized, the customer confirms the order.
This can be done by sending us a Purchase Order at our email for processing of order.

Order Processing:

The order is handed over to the processing team to process and ready the items.
If items are per order, they are ordered to our specific brand suppliers provided with a standard lead time 3-5 days (Subject to delay)

Order Status Update for Pick up

Once all items are complete , our team will try to inform you via email thread of your purchase order.
In case, only partial items are available in the standard lead time, we will inform you about the delay of the order often problems with stock availability, logistics, damaged goods, limited manpower, etc.

Order Pick up or Delivery

The customer receives the ordered items.
If there are any discrepancies or damages, the customer must contacts our company's customer service for resolution.
All information are subject to change without prior notice.
Please follow this process as your guide and we hope to serve you soon.

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Escape the hassle of multiple suppliers! We got it all for you here! We hope that we can serve you soon! Basta KHM, ORIG!

Escape the hassle of multiple suppliers! We got it all for you here! We hope that we can serve you soon! Basta KHM, ORIG!